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Bulgaria, Sliven, 22 Slivnitsa str.


To our current and future customers we can offer:

  • Construction and repairs of residential buildigns, administrative and commercial projects, school facilities, nursery schools, etc.
  • Individual projects for repairs and furnishing;
  • Dry construction – suspended ceilings, grid ceilings, partition walls, decorative and unconventional figures with concealed lighting;
  • Retrofitting and renovation of buildings and premises;
  • External and internal renders;
  • Disassembly of old radators, relocation, mounting of new radiators, construction of new installation;
  • Mounting of sanitary faience, faience facing, placing of terracotta, gres tiles, stone revetment;
  • Reconstruction of old water supply and sewerage networks and electric installations, or construction of new ones;
  • Repairs and hydro-insulation of roofs;
  • Preparation and mounting of reinforced steel for building structures;
  • Preparation and mounting of metal structures and articles – including metal doors, windows, protective bars, fences, railings, etc.;
  • Mounting of concrete curbs, pavement tiles and coverings;
  • Manufacture and installation of aluminum and PVC joinery;

Our partners:

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